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House on Fire

A Colorado-crafted firestarter made from

Maple wood, Beeswax, and Hemp Wicks

Each house is filled with Beeswax
Lite the Hemp/Beeswax wicks
The Maple house will start to burn

Sustained by the Beeswax and Maple
Slowly dipping onto the kindling below
Starting your fire

NO glue/epoxy/plastic/chemicals
Just tea and long walks
100% recycled cardboard
laser cut and engraved

Maple is amazing 💚🍁
I’m 🌱 single 🦔 Denver 🌱Business 🌳
Someone who is slowly refinding🌱 woodworking 🌳

And I started with puzzles 🧩
Making puzzles with Maple can be stressful

Might as well light 🍁 on fire 🔥
To show the strength and beautify
of 🍁🔥🐝🌱

A small house 🏠
Made out of wood joinery

Set your 🍁 house on fire
Enjoy your evening

Please contact Plantvill/Ben for more information

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