(The Informal Backstory) 

Amidst the darkness, three friends/businesses worked together to create a light from Colorado. 


Bryan started his glass blowing studio BGOLD Glass in 2018, he brings to life recycled glass through classes, ritual items, cups, and art activism.


Dwayne runs a high precision Colorado-based CNC company, Depanel Master.


I used to develop bio-plastics out of algae. Then COVID happened… 


Over the last few months Dwayne, Bryan, and I have been testing and prototyping all the parts associated with our product, A Glass Light.


 We created methods to maximize the volume of molds for fusing recycled glass in annealing kilns. Then we optimized CNC machine paths to get a smooth finish in Beetle Killed Pine. Lastly, we established a network of local manufactures, artists, and woodworkers to help us scale.  


Recycled Glass is broken or excess glass from glass blowing art studios. 


Beetle Killed Pine is salvaged pine that has been killed by Mountain Pine Beetles. 


Our design stems from our passion for Colorado and desire to use materials conscientiously, while manufacturing as much of the product in our wonderful state. 


“A light in the darkness,” was the overarching theme of the design and the reason all three of us decided to work together. 


The product is A Glass Light. 

The product will be released on Kickstarter. 

To market the product, we are sending small packages of flowers to local politicians and Colorado news media. 


Happy to answer any questions:


Have a great rest of your day!