Ben Skupsky




Take open source Maslowcnc electronics/motor kit and base design and create a machine to accurately and consistently fulfill cutting operations. 

Machine Name: 



Based on 🦔's demeanor, I'll get to that. 


From my Instagram (Plantvill) stories. documenting pats of the build



 Cost Less than $1000.00

Fit underneath a three-foot r00f soffit

Outdoor operation use, 300 days a year in Colorado 

Accurate and consistent cuts

Four foot by eight-foot cutting surface 

Custom vise setup 

Incorporate as much wood into the build as possible, and show it


Current         🦔    Specs:     🌲 


Travel (Work Area): 

X-Axis 96''

Y-Axis 48''

Z-Axis 1.5''

Machine Footprint: 

X-Axis 144''

Y-Axis 28''

Z-Axis Deck Top 90'

Z-Axis Bellow Deck Top 11''

Drive System: 

Chain + Lead Screw Z-Axis 

Machine Accuracy:




Electronics and motor kit $399

Router: $200

1 inch/24 inchs/24 inchs pine edge board: $15

Friction reduction (teflon - paint): $60

Polyurethane paint/sandpaper: $40

Screws/nylon spaces/odds and ends: $30

3D Printer filament: $200

PVC: $72 


~ $1016.00

I already had: 


Stainless steel screws, washers, and bolts

Surge protector/power supply 


 🐛        🦔 

Usually, 🦔 is very nice and slowly moves along a path. 

Then along comes random USB connection errors and chain skips. 

Aside from occasional bitting and WHY? movements ‽

I like 🦔


Thank you for viewing my portfolio. 


I am looking for a job! 

My Resume: 

Project Updates: 

Isolated USB cord from any wires

Powered USB hub 

New USB A-B cable 

Patients with 🦔        🐛