Where is your brand, logo, and company?

I suppose my marketing teacher would probably give me an F for this. Brand/logo, catch phrases, extra … I just decided to do without all that, for now.

I did come up with one term, plant obsolescence: you decide when to return the product back to nature :)

Is Hi Algae edible?

Technically maybe, but I do not recommend any person or animal try to consume any part of Hi Algae. There are common food algaes like Spirulina, which has a standard serving size around 10 grams per day. Hi Algae contains a serving size that would be many times more than any recommended daily dose. So please, do not eat the product!

What does Hi Algae feel like?

The product is soft to the touch and gentle on your phone. If you prefer a different texture, you can soften or roughen it up with a little sandpaper.

Will you sell any Hi Algae patterns on a secondary market?

No, the pattern used for the Phone, Pen, and Paper holder being sold on the Hi Algae campaign will never be reused by Plantvill on a secondary market.

Other patters using the Hi Algae formula might be sold on other platforms in limited quantities, but not until all backers receive their products. One of the stretch goals will allow backers to vote on the final product pattern designs.

For this campaign will you sell more patterns or merch on Kickstarter?

Maybe, but you have to wait unit the stretch goals on 4.19.2019.

What is with all your graphics and Courier New Font?

Just to be weird. Courier New font has this old, industrial feel, so kind is breaking out of the nature of things.


- No social media

- Campaign goes live

- Letters get sent

- That is it! I might say hi occasionally on different platforms

Yes, I did send cards in order to be a little more personal. Some of the cards were even written by robots. All information on 100% recycled paper, kosher ink, general info, maybe even an actual video, can be found at my website:

Ok, why? I tried a few FB/IG “campaigns” but could not find anything that resonated with what I was trying to convey.

What happens if the product gets wet?

Much like paper and phones, the formula used in Hi Algae does not like to get wet. If your cube gets wet, a small top layer will get mushy, but the internal core will stay intact for some time. Remove any contents from the cube and let dry. After 24 hours the cube will be dry. Take some sandpaper and smooth or modify your cube.

Multiple stretch goal coating options will address this issue.

Plantvill? Why not Plantville?


Ville: (French) city or town

Vill: Also mostly the same thing, but I have the .com

(Extra Question): Letter 1 and 1.5?

Letter 1: Sent to 10,000 people, 200 per state

Letter 1.5: Sent to 200 news organizations

Those cards are private but if someone wants to share them :)

You can read more about my marketing on my website: